15 February 2019

From the bartender’s corner – Smoky Spritz

Picked this recipe up from The Inspired Home. This has Mezcal, Aperol, Sweet Vermouth and Prosecco. Rather interesting experience. After the bitter sweet hit to the palate, I was not prepared for the strong smoky finish. Obviously, logically that is what you would expect with the ingredients but I do not believe I remember having this kind of a combination before.

9 February 2019

From the bartender’s corner – Mezcal #6: Scorpion Reposado

Scorpion mezcals are from Oaxaca and like many other mezcals is made from espadin agave and double distilled in copper stills. This being a Reposado, it is aged. In this particular case in French Oaks.

Here is an interesting fact. You know how certain mezcals will have a worm inside it? (BTW, tequilas NEVER have a worm – that belief is a myth). Well, this company’s slogan is “worm is for the wimps”.

They actually have a scorpion at the bottom of the drink. Every single bottle!!! (this is somewhat for marketing – it has no other value).