1 January 2020

A logic/mathematical puzzle to start the New Year

Sunil Roy and I were strolling down the road – somewhere in Chelsea area with the rest of the family – when he posed an interesting puzzle for me. See if you can get it.

To give everybody a chance, refrain from posting the answer in the Comments section. Send me a personal message and I will put your name up if you solved it.

You have two dices. One has 1 thru 6 painted on its faces like a normal dice. The other has blank on every face. You can write down any integer number 1,2,3… on each of the blank faces of the second dice. You can even leave it blank – which would stand for 0. You are allowed to repeat the numbers (you can have two faces with the same number).

The question is: What numbers would you paint on the six faces of the second dice such that:

(*) When the two dice are rolled together, the sum total of the two faces up can be any integer between 1 and 12 AND
(*) The probability of any of those integers (meaning the sum of the two faces up being 1 or 2 or 3… or 12) is exactly the same.

You can assume that the two dices are unbiased. (It will be completely random which face will show up)

28 December 2019

Interesting coffee place

Rode the motorbike up to Ballground, GA and found a nearby coffee place with an interesting name – Barrel House Coffee Company. Once inside, got to meet the owner – Ryan, who explained the name to me. He ages the coffee beans in bourbon barrels for a month to two months and then roasts them. Tried out a cappuccino. Tasted pretty nice.

Presently, Rakesh, who was also out and about in his motorbike, joined me there. It was a good ride and some very interesting coffee!

24 December 2019

Reached the milestone of ten thousand miles

10,000 miles in just under two years. It has been a great journey… with a few scares no doubt. Ever indebted to Magesh, Danny, Avi and Rakesh without whose encouragement and support, I would have never reached here. It is still scary but thoroughly enjoyable. Nothing beats the feel of the wind on you in the lonely, rural roads – especially if you are going as a group!

How about this as a coincidence? After finishing my ride today, went to the Apple store to pick up something for Nikita. Guess who I ran into? Rakesh!! He was picking up something for his daughter too. Told him about my milestone today.

Without any further delay we shimmied to the bar next door to celebrate!!