26 November 2019

Ready for a puzzle?

Do you see something intriguing in the picture?
Check out the clothesline with all the clothes hanging (a lot of unmentionables, I must admit) between the two buildings (sort of in the middle of the picture). Now look at the height of the buildings… how the heck do they put them up there?

26 November 2019

Visit to the local distillery and liqueur manufacturing

What I was not aware of is how many different liqueurs are made in Sao Miguel island. Tiago Mela in Mulher de Capote took me thru the whole list and showed us around the manufacturing process.

An interesting anis liqueur (which is not Licor Beirao – from mainland and is Sharmila and my absolute favorite anis based drink) caught my eye. The bottle has a anis plant inside and covered with sugar crystal. Think sweet and think anis. And if you are a Bengali, think yummy!

While I finished up my deep dive into gins over a year back, decided to pick up a bottle of Goshawk gin, nonetheless. The previous day, Arsenio had me try the local gin at the hotel bar.

25 November 2019

Great evening with our bartender

Sharmila and I spent a great time with Arsenio – our bartender at the hotel. He has an amazing knowledge of all alcohols and their stories. Of course, it is the local stories that intrigued me the most.

I never realized the amount of local liqueurs, rum and gin that is made in the island! Or that aguardente (aguardiente in the Spanish world) is so popular in the Portuguese world.

Took a lot of notes… and tried a few local beverages…

15 November 2019

Puzzle: Of wine and water…

There is a wine glass filled with 1000 spoonful of wine. There is a water beaker with 2000 spoonful of water.

You take a spoon of water from the beaker and put it in the wine glass and mix it thoroughly. Then you take one spoon of the stuff (mostly wine with a little water) from the wine glass and put it in the water beaker and mix it thoroughly.

You do the whole thing over again. And one more time (so total of three times).

Of course increasingly the water beaker is getting more wine and vice versa.

Question is at the end of the third full round, do you have more wine (by volume) in the water beaker or more water (by volume) in the wine glass and by how much?

Here is a tougher version… what if after the above three cycles, you did the water beaker to wine glass one more time and stopped? (You did not do the wine glass to water beaker to complete the cycle; essentially three and a half cycles). Now, do you have more wine (by volume) in the water beaker or more water (by volume) in the wine glass and by how much?

Instead of putting your answer (and how you arrived at it) in the Comments section, write to me directly in messenger.

12 November 2019

Brevity being the soul of wit…

Over the last two decades, about twice a week, I have sent two sets of text messages to my wife, Sharmila. They have been invariably: “Boarded plane” and “Landed”.

With that one exception two years back when I was so frustrated with my flight delays that I had vented “Emplaned” and “Deplaned”. But otherwise, I have stuck to typing those few words consistently.

My wife, on the other hand, no doubt driven by the realization of the futility of spending more time conversing with me has had an interesting progression in the length of her responses. If progression was the word I was looking for. I reckon regression might have been more apt.

From full sentences of late 90s to this morning’s response, you can see … whatever “gression” it is.

Safe flight. Text me when you reach. Love you.
Safe flight. Love you.
Safe flight.

It is like I have gone from “Max 80 characters in SMS” to “No more letters for you” faster than my flights could decide how late they wanted to be!!

🙂 🙂