22 March 2020

Grocery run!

While in elementary/middle school, mom always made me (as the eldest child) go to the market to do the groceries. I did not mind it much since that gave me an excuse to take our family bicycle out for a ride. Plus, I got a candy as a bribe (which used to bristle my sister no end).

Now, I have to do the same for my wife. Although, the bike now comes with a motor attached to it! I did not get any candy. So, I rewarded myself with a 60 miles detour on my way home!

Speaking of similarities, I still get yelled at for buying the wrong stuff!

14 March 2020

Which airport was I in?

We just took off from the airport and as the plane started gaining height, I noticed an interesting landscape on the ground. There is a man made water body and it has been carefully dug up to leave a landmass looking like an airplane!

Which airport was I in?

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14 March 2020

While not a millennial….

This perfectly captures my mood after unsuccessfully trying to explain to my own daughter, a colleague at office and two fellow CEOs that it is okay to travel in planes. Stop listening to news outlets. Read up everything CDC is publishing instead. Or better still, talk to your doctor. They spent a lot of money to understand these kind of things and explain it to you.

That said, Scott, your observation was on the money. The gentleman next to me (I am writing this from a plane) cleaned his entire seat with wipes (good for him) and then proceeded to take the almond packet that Delta gave (God knows where all it has been), proceeded to open it with his hands, put them in his hand and put them in his mouth. That is the one thing CDC is saying – please do not do… do not get your hand near your mouth if you can avoid it.


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