15 October 2017

Some Sunday morning English word puzzles

Here are some more interesting English words to get you going on a Sunday. Please feel free to answer in the Comment section if you know or after you have found the answers…

1. I remember growing up during childhood, one of the best things about rains was that typical smell of the earth after the initial showers. I am sure you remember it too – and even experience it today – that earthy smell you get after the first showers – especially if the ground was very dry. There is actually a word to describe that smell. Do you know what it is?

2. I have a not-so-healthy habit of piling up books. When I hear good reviews of a book from friends, I usually go to iBooks, read up a few sample pages and if it still interests me, I buy it. Here is the catch though – I do not often get to reading those books. Sometimes, it takes me a long time to start reading them. Do you have the same habit? That of buying books and not reading them? There is a word to describe that behavior. Do you know it?

3. Any of you who have visited us in our Atlanta house will know that we live in a forest. We love the raw beauty of nature and the privacy of a forest. There is a word to describe people like us who love the forests. What is it?

4. While I dabble a lot in alcohol, I never could get myself to drink beer. Certainly, I understand the production process and categories of various gins, wines, vodkas, whiskies, but I am an absolute neophyte when it comes to beer making. I have heard my friends use a few words – like IPA, hops etc when talking about beer. I never knew what hops are – except that it has to do with beer. Curiosity eventually got the better of me and I looked it up. Well, hops – I found out are a kind of plant and is used during the beer making process. In fact the category of plant that hops belong to is called “bine”. I was sure that was a misprint of “vine” (I guess I was thinking wine – grapes etc etc). Turns out “bine” is the right word. Do you know what a “bine” is? More importantly, what is the difference between a “bine” and a “vine”?

5. If you have gotten to this point, you obviously love words and are at least moderately curious about them. So, we will finish up with a word to describe you. What do you call somebody who is a lover of words?

Here’s to learning a few more new words…

14 October 2017

From the bartender’s corner: Gin #22 – “Only” Gin

It is sort of an unique name “Only”. This gin is distilled in Spain – near Barcelona to be precise. The base is neutral grain spirit and then during the distillation process the following are infused: juniper berries, jasmine, lemon balm, hibiscus, violet, rose petals, mallow, lavender, pansies, veronica and orange blossom.

From the botanicals, you can guess – and you would be right – that this is a very flowery gin. The nose and the finish is distinctly flowery. The palette was a little flat.

The bottle is a nice red and orange one.

Tried with gin and tonic first.

14 October 2017

Oh! What fun…

It was to run
On Rosewell Parade Day
Hey! 🙂

Speaking of “Hey”, I had a “Hey” moment once I reached the racing start line. I had forgotten my Garmin. I had absolutely no idea what pace I was running in. Which was very disconcerting since I could not time myself and make sure I had enough energy to finish. I had no other option but to just let go and run at will. After the second mile, I was starting to run low on energy (I was sure by then that I had clipped faster than I should have). There was a lady running near me and I just decided to keep pace with her. But at the second hill, she slowed down. Saw another guy around my age up front – and paced up to catch up to him. And then hung on to it till the end of the race. We paced each other and encouraged each other – especially around the hills.

At the end, he came up to me and we chatted for a long time. Turns out Mike Jacobs started running in 2005. Which is when I did too! His eldest daughter is in Manhattan! As is mine!! Like I said, we talked for quite some time, became good friends, got a picture taken and then promised to run a 10 mile race in November in Atlanta together. Actually, he is running anyways. I told him I will join him. We were wondering how we could spot each other there on that day. “Come in your orange shirt”, he said!!

I will admit, it is a little loud 🙂

I will have to wait for the official results. I did not want to wait – instead, went to see the parade and came back home. But as I crossed the finish line, I noticed the clock tipping over 26 mins. So, it is probably 26 mins and a few seconds.

8 October 2017

5 mile run in the 15th country got me beat.

Made the mistake of not listening to Sharmila and finish off my run early. 5 miles of run in the sand with direct sunlight in the face quickly dehydrated me. And that is when I realized my second mistake. I was not carrying water.

The one good thing about the divi divi trees is that they might be small, but they have flat tops. Had to stop for a couple of times on my way back under the shade to catch my breath.

Speaking of mistakes, I had not put on any sunscreen either. Got burnt pretty bad.

On the positive side, that was the 15th country that I have run a full run in…

5 October 2017

Nikispeak: A storage disk

In Miami airport, we were walking around when I came across a picture of an old 3.5inch disk. Showing it to Nikita, I explained – “Believe it or not, in the 1990s, this is how we stored data. Each one of them could store 1.4MB of data. Put in todays’s terms – just to store ONE of your iPhone pictures, you would need three or four of them. For one photo!!!”

Nikita weighed in what she had heard and said wisely “That just proves one thing…”

Expecting her to comment on the rapid progress of technology, I asked “What?”

Pat came the reply – “That you are really old, Dad”.


3 October 2017

From the bartender’s corner – Vancouver

This is a rather uncommon gin cocktail. It is a close cousin of the very traditional Martinez. Instead of maraschino liqueur, the twist in this drink is the Benedictine. This drink was created in the middle of last century in Sylvia Hotel overlooking the English Bay in Vancouver.

The ingredients include gin, sweet vermouth, Benedictine and orange bitters.