21 February 2019

Stranger than fiction!

Last morning, I swung by my friend Jacob’s desk when I was visiting their offices in San Francisco for some work. Less than half my age, he has twice my wisdom. Little wonder, I enjoy being around him and learning new stuff from him. (He is a trivia wizard too).

He was standing near his desk – talking to his neighbor – when I approached him. Who he introduced to me as “Raj Das”.

Jacob: “Believe it or not, Raj and I are born on the exact same day. And we went to the same college together. Now we work together.”
Me: “That is a coincidence!”
Jacob: “Do you remember Seena?”.
I immediately recollected Seena from about six months back. Jacob, Seena and I had worked on a project for some time then.
Me: “Of course!”
Jacob: “Here is the crazy part! All three of us share the same birthday!! And all three of us went to the same college”

Now, that was SOME coincidence!!

Me: “And what is that birthday?”
Raj: “March 5th”

Me (after gaining some composure): “Yeah! Here is something you will not believe either. That is my birthday too!”

I don’t think Jacob still believes me!!

We all believe I was not good enough to go to U. Va. though 🙂

That was one heck of a coincidence!!

30 January 2019

I am checking off Antarctica from my bucket list

So this is how minus 51 deg F (minus 46 deg C) feels like. Put on innumerable layers and stepped out of the hotel to take a five minute walk. Lasted for one and a half minutes. Just the frame of my glasses became so cold that its contact with the skull gave me a headache.

Some day later in life, I will probably look back to this day and realize that this was the coldest temperature I ever stepped out into in my life.

An unique face to face meeting with Mother Nature.

19 December 2018

Quo Vadis?

My Facebook feed is lighting up with my fellow road warriors’ posts of “Last business trip of the year” with a map that clearly shows the plane pointing to their home.

Not wishing to be left behind, I made one for myself too. Now I realize that I might have a problem – my plane is neither taking me to my office (Chicago) nor home (Atlanta). And I am clearly not on vacation.

It is 6 in the morning. Somebody needs to remind me where did I come from and where am I going.