21 February 2019

Stranger than fiction!

Last morning, I swung by my friend Jacob’s desk when I was visiting their offices in San Francisco for some work. Less than half my age, he has twice my wisdom. Little wonder, I enjoy being around him and learning new stuff from him. (He is a trivia wizard too).

He was standing near his desk – talking to his neighbor – when I approached him. Who he introduced to me as “Raj Das”.

Jacob: “Believe it or not, Raj and I are born on the exact same day. And we went to the same college together. Now we work together.”
Me: “That is a coincidence!”
Jacob: “Do you remember Seena?”.
I immediately recollected Seena from about six months back. Jacob, Seena and I had worked on a project for some time then.
Me: “Of course!”
Jacob: “Here is the crazy part! All three of us share the same birthday!! And all three of us went to the same college”

Now, that was SOME coincidence!!

Me: “And what is that birthday?”
Raj: “March 5th”

Me (after gaining some composure): “Yeah! Here is something you will not believe either. That is my birthday too!”

I don’t think Jacob still believes me!!

We all believe I was not good enough to go to U. Va. though 🙂

That was one heck of a coincidence!!

30 January 2019

I am checking off Antarctica from my bucket list

So this is how minus 51 deg F (minus 46 deg C) feels like. Put on innumerable layers and stepped out of the hotel to take a five minute walk. Lasted for one and a half minutes. Just the frame of my glasses became so cold that its contact with the skull gave me a headache.

Some day later in life, I will probably look back to this day and realize that this was the coldest temperature I ever stepped out into in my life.

An unique face to face meeting with Mother Nature.