2 August 2018

Okay, this is marketing pushing it…

If you ever drive on the Bay Bridge into the city of San Francisco, you are likely to see this big billboard. (I did not have enough time to take a picture but I was able to get the picture from the internet anyways).

I will keep the irony of Demi Lovato telling us what to drink aside for the time being.

My bigger question that I want to scream is…

“What do you mean, ph balanced water? Water is, by definition, pH balanced. It is the golden standard against which you decide if any liquid is of higher pH (alkaline) or lower pH (acidic).

Water does not need to be pH balanced. It IS already balanced.”

Has marketing risen – if risen is the word I am looking for – to a level that we will buy something as free and balanced as water at steep prices if we slap a high sounding phrase like pH balanced (never mind you do not have to do anything to water to make it pH balanced) and get Demi Lovato to hold a bottle of that water?

That reminds me… I saw a bottle of Vitamin Water this morning at the airport and I was like… “What do you mean….”

Naah.. forget it. I got my answer about marketing and also sense that we – allegedly the most intelligent animal on this planet – can surprisingly forget some of the basic sciences we learnt in middle school.

2 August 2018

The only problem is that…

Curious how far we had reached, I switched on the Delta TV screen and this is what I saw.

Having had to wake up at 3am, my first sleepy eyed reaction was “Wow! Lot of distance to cover still”.

My next reaction was “Wait a second. What am I doing on top of the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa??? I am coming back to Atlanta from San Francisco!!!”

This must be Delta flight map’s version of “Covfefe” !!

Go figure!

31 July 2018

Uh! Oh!

Normally when my Lyft or Uber driver shows up, I greet him or her by the first name. Other than being nice, this also reconfirms to me and him/her that I am in the right car.

This one is going to be interesting…