9 October 2017

Completely fearless bird

I assume this is a crow (I am not good with bird names). On Friday, I had come down for breakfast before the girls joined me. While enjoying my mimosa, I was joined by this bird. And by that I mean, it sat about a foot away from me on my table close the bread basket. I took a piece of bread and laid it on the table. Throughout my hand movements, it betrayed no signs of fear. Once I put the bread in front of it, it promptly took it and hopped over to the grass to eat it…

8 October 2017

Quiet moment

While taking pictures of the setting sun, I moved around quite a bit on the beach to adjust for oncoming boats, people moving around and all that. A sight caught my eye and left a deep impression. There was a dad and his daughter who were mesmerized by the setting sun. They were in the water, standing next to each other. Not a word was spoken. Just dad… And daughter… Taking in the full beauty of nature… both staying in the Now together. Powerful moment.

I quickly retrained the lens to get a silhouette.

8 October 2017

Exploring the island – our last stop – Baby Beach

Our final stop for the day – and this trip – was Baby Beach. This is located at the very southwest end of the island. Venezuela is a mere twenty miles or so from here. I was told that on a clear day, you might be able to see Venezuela. I could not see anything. That might have to do with the fact that the sun was already in the west. Maybe I should have tried when the sun was still in the eastern sky.

The three of us did snorkeling – for the first time in our lives here. It was hilarious watching Sharmila and I get used to the snorkeling gear. Nikita was a big help straightening us out. Saw some very colorful fish.

I have mixed reviews about the place. The beach and the water is undoubtedly very beautiful. However, this place is very popular with the locals and gets very crowded. Perhaps, if you come here someday, you can try a working weekday. But that said, if you do make it here, just drive over for a couple of minutes to the beach next to it – Rodger’s Beach and walk up to Rum Reef and order a caipirinha. One of the best ones I have ever had!!

8 October 2017

Exploring the island – Drink with a view!!

One of the things that you will notice – really for not noticing – is the dearth of animals in Aruba. There are no large mammals here. Other than a couple of dogs here and there (even that, many seemed to belong to tourists), there are not much pets. I did not see a single cat in the whole island.

The only two wild animals we saw were a few donkeys and a bunch of goats in the mountains. Asked a local while having lunch today. Apparently, those are the only two wild animals you get here!!

I am sure the goats here were not going to complain about it as they fight for whatever non-cactus green food is available in the dry desert!!