6 November 2017

A friendship that goes back more than a quarter century

One of those friendships that were struck in June 1991 that has carried thru for over 26 years. Thru that, we have each jumped cities four or five times, jobs even more (worked together in three different companies), had two kids each but have been a great support for each other and have had some amazing times together as families.

We have had our differences too – he was an avid beer drinker and I would not touch beer, he would do Android and I would not do anything but Apple (he has switched now, as I understand) and he reveled in new cars and I would buy one only to drive it to the ground.

But our biggest difficulty has been on agreeing who has a better sense of humor. Most friends who we asked to mediate would retort “Is none of the above an option?”.

It was good – nay, great – to see Raj and Viji back in our town and at our place…

2 July 2017

Friday session postponed for a day…

The last time I played the Tabla with Subrata was in 1980 in school. He had played a Runa Laila number on his guitar and I had played the tabla. They was eighth grade.

In between, he has picked up a lot more instruments including the piano and the drums. Also he got married to Sharmistha with the incredible voice and talent for singing. My tabla has not improved much from those days…

That said, it was a great evening.

Actually, it was beyond great!!!