2 February 2020

A memorable quote from Priti

Last evening, during drinks with Rakesh, Bani, Priti and Avi, somehow the discussions veered towards life, priorities and all those stuff. Avi is taking a break from work – so we were justifiably excited about his adventurous plans.

At one point of time, I mentioned that there is an exact metric to judge how much work we did not have to do in life. And that is the bank balance you will leave behind when you die.

Priti, very thoughtfully, came up with what I thought was a memorable way to put the same sentiment… “Your last check should bounce” 🙂 🙂

28 July 2019

The Roy family diaspora

This summer, the Roy family has been all over the place. Only our dog Jay Jay has stayed in Atlanta. Everybody else seems to be on the road. This is the picture of where the various Roy family members have slept – just in the month of July!!

20 January 2019

The plot thickens!!!

Roger is in town!! Had a great time chatting with him the whole day yesterday. Our topics of discussions were as varied as weird – from marriages to financial markets to retirement to what to do now that we are finally this young… Of course, there was a lot of reminiscing our days in Mongolia. This is the first time we met after venturing into our first “let’s go somewhere where most people know not much about” trip.

Speaking of what to do now that we are finally this young… we hit upon a not-so-innovative-any-more idea. “Let’s go to another place that most people do not know much about.” As we hopped from a coffee place here to a bar there – we asked a few people what they knew about a particular country we came up with. It is with great satisfaction we noted that nobody knows much about that country at all!!

The search for flights has begun already (yeah! too many stops involved 🙁 ). We are withholding the destination name till we get our respective spouses – Sharmila and Shauna – to approve it. We have taken enough care in our choice to ensure that the spouses will never want to go there 🙂