16 January 2011

Now that was some snow

We had some severe winter weather in early January, 2011. Overnight there was nearly six inches of snow!! We had all sorts of unique snow formations! Sharmila and I lit up a fire in the background and sat out in deep snow with our coffee!! Schools were closed for three days!!!

9 October 2010

Durga Pujo 2010 Dance

Like every year, Nikita and Natasha had a dance performance in Durga Puja this year too. One big difference this time – they both danced together in the same dance. The choreographer was Mayuri Ray. As always, she did an excellent job.

16 June 2010

Natasha riding Magic

This was Natasha’s first horse riding event. She is totally into horses. That is about the only physical exercise she is willing to do. Left to herself, she would be with the horses for hours everyday. Here, she is riding Magic.

9 February 2010

Saraswati Pujo 2010 Dance

Saraswati Puja is the celebration of the goddess of education and music in India. In Bengal, we tend to celebrate it sometime in Jan or Feb. This time, in Atlanta, like every year, we had a great program for the whole day. Niki and Tasha danced. Niki was trained by Mayuri Ray and Tasha by Indrani Kar. Sharmila, of course was in charge of getting decked up and chatting up with old friends. And I stuck to my routine of showing up for my two responsibilities – eat lunch and take video of the kids’ dances. 🙂

Nikita’s dance – “Tui Keney Kaada Dili”

Natasha’s dance