9 October 2009

Durga Pujo 2009 Dance

Durga Pujo is the biggest annual festival for Bengalis from India. We had a three day clebration here in Atlanta. Nikita and Natasha both danced in it. Sharmila was busy getting dressed up in all the traditional Indian clothes and chatting with her friends. I was mostly eating and making myself scarce. 🙂

The first video is of Nikita. This is a song composed by Tagore. Dance choreographed by our personal friend Mayuri Ray. The second one is by Natasha and her friends – this time a popular Bollywood song and choreographed by Mayuri again. The last one is by Natasha and her friends to a popular Bengali song – choreographed by another talented friend of ours – Indrani Kar.

Nikita’s performance – “Megher Koley”

Natasha’s first dance – “Dheem Ta Na”

Natasha’s second dance – “Saat Bhai Champa”

9 February 2009

Saraswati Pujo 2009 Dance

Saraswati is the goddess of education and art. It is usually celebrated sometime in MArch or February. This year, Nikita had her maiden performance on the stage with her Indian dance to a Bengali song. Natasha had 2 dances this year. There were 27 kids who put up 5 dances and they ranged from something 3 years to 12 years or so. It was a great show put up by our personal friend – Mayuri Ray

Nikita’s maiden performance – “Aay Re Chhute Aay”

Natasha’s first dance – “O Alor Pathajatri”

Natasha’s second dance – “Dhitang Dhitang Boley”

15 April 2008

Poila Boisakh 2008

Natasha’s dance at the Poila Baisakh (New Year) Festival in Atlanta in April, 2008. Bengalis celebrate their New Year around mid April every year.

This was Tasha’s second dance in Atlanta. She and her friends were tutored and the choreography done by Ruchi Lodh. The beautiful pictures during the credits in the beginning and the end were taken by my highly talented photographer friend Samaresh.