22 February 2019

Going with the “flow”

Three years back Sharmila and I looked at the option of moving to the NorthWest. Portland and Seattle areas are what we evaluated. We concluded that it was too cloudy, foggy and rainy for us.

Boy, did we dodge a bullet!

If we had moved, we would have missed these three years of cloudier, foggier and rainier weather in Atlanta!

(BTW, as a matter of fact, Atlanta gets nearly twice the amount of rain as Seattle)

1 February 2019

At Sharmila’s Art show

I have finally understood why I am attracted to the wine at Sharmila’s art shows. It is free. There is that. Importantly, I have noticed that after a couple of those wines from plastic glasses, I tend to improve my appreciation for art. For example, I finally started grasping the inner depths of a piece of 3D art when a curious security guy asked what was so funny about the public coat rack. That said, I think by the end of the evening, I had figured out – at least for half of the paintings that I studied – which side was up.

26 January 2019

Math with Nikita

Doing math with Nikita is awesome for me for one reason – it brings back a lot of memories of the math lessons I had to go thru. Today’s was different though. Can’t remember ever having done graphing of polar co-ordinates. We did not have graphing calculators and had no desmos.com either. Took me a couple of hours to master it and even then Nikita pointed out a mistake I had made while teaching her…

6 January 2019

When in Kolkata…

… one evening is always kept for my brother’s family. The nephews are growing up and time spent with them has become progressively lesser what with all their homework and class tests and all that.

The fun continues unabated though when we meet.

In the top picture, my sister in law was trying her best not to have the wine glass in front of her for the picture (my brother had quietly exchanged her cup of cappuccino with his glass of red wine) and in the bottom one, I believe there was some silly joke at the expense of the elder nephew!!!

16 December 2018

Guess who is glad to be back?

“On American soil”, as she put it. Except that there has been not much of American soil yet. Back in the air again for the last segment to Atlanta together. Can’t wait to see everybody’s reaction at the family reunion.

Especially Jay Jay! He will have that “Wait, Wait! How come nobody told me?” look around him and will be running up and down the living area to impress everybody.