25 June 2017

Campus stroll…

Since Sharmila and Natasha are in Dallas I drove for four hours to visit Nikita in her college campus where she is doing a summer camp.

We walked for two hours in the campus and I did not get a chance to put in a word edgewise. She is super excited about dorm life and her friends and has so far given me a blow by blow description of the last two weeks’ activities!!!

12 June 2017

The younger one flies the nest… for a trial flight…

Nikita left home today to live in a dorm for three weeks for some summer camp. Natasha had done this for four years. Now it is Nikita’s turn. She is starting a year early in age. As parents, leaving your kids for the first time is very daunting. But it is always heart warming to see how well they can do without you…

This picture is when she had set up her room and just wanted us to go back to our car and drive for five hours back home. Dad did his best to be a dad – embarrass her in front of her room mate and friends, I must say!!!

7 June 2017

That be my wife. Dealing with me :-)

Photo courtesy: Natasha
The backstory is that this weekend Sharmila and I, after much postponement, finally sat down at our breakfast table to look at ticket prices for some trips for the girls. But moment we sat down, I noticed thru the corner of my eye that the elusive Goldfinch was at the bird feeder.

With great alacrity I jumped out of my seat to go get my camera. And with equal amount of alacrity, Natasha fished out her iPhone camera to capture the look on Sharmila’s face πŸ™‚

7 June 2017

Five years back…

Exactly five years back, on this day, at this time, I was sitting with my dad in his house in Durgapur and had a funny conversation which I had posted in my blog that day.

Here is the repost…

P.S. The best translation of the last line might be “It works. But you might have to slap and kick it a little at first”.

More P.S. Before he left Durgapur, he donated the scooter to the guy who used to tend to our garden. For all you know, this thing is still plying on the road of Durgapur…

Repost from Jun 7, 2012:
In an apt display of how the previous generations valued things (when money was tight), my dad has stuck with his first and only vehicle he ever bought. In 1977!!! The manufacturer does not exist any more!!! There is only one mechanic in town who is even willing to fix it.

The value of the scooter literally doubles every time he fills in petrol πŸ™‚ The ignition key, which comes out loose in all that rattle and ruckus during a ride is permanently chained to the scooter (see the photo carefully). Still, he refuses to give it up!!!

I actually took it out for a ride today. Before that, I asked him “Eta ekhono choley?” (does it still work?). He thought for a few moments and then reluctantly admitted “Choley. Kintu ektu maardhor korey chalatey hoy”. [i need some help from Bengali FB friends for the transliteration to do justice to his sense of humor]

30 May 2017

So”fa”, so good!

Sharmila and I came back home from dinner and found the two girls flat out in two sofas in the great room. Upon closer inspection, it appeared that the dog, not to be outdone, took a page right out of their books and was sleeping in the third sofa!!!