30 March 2020

Five years later

Natasha was lying down in the backyard last evening and reading a book. Took a picture of her. Because it reminded me of another day when she was still in high school. That day she was laying down in the front yard. Dug that picture up from 2015.

29 March 2020

Fifteen years later

Nikita mentioned this morning that we have a picture From the past like the one we took this morning at home. Sure enough, a little search later, we retrieved it.

So much has changed in fifteen years. We have a new dog, newspapers have gone digital and we have moved from the outside to inside.

Good news is that I am still in my shorts!!!

21 March 2020

Finally relaxing!!!

It was an interesting Saturday between trying to get some crucial office decisions done and trying to evacuate Natasha from New York. This is while New York started canceling flights because some ATC trainee had tested positive for COVID-19.

Finally, everything has settled down. For the time being. And no too soon.

In a stunning reversal of fortunes, now the young ones are yelling when the older ones want to go out for drink.

Great evening with Sharmila and Natasha over a bottle of wine…

8 March 2020

It was a full moon that night too!!

Tonight is full moon. In India we celebrate Holi – the festival of colors. The moon looks beautiful if you step out and see it. I mentioned to Sharmila – “The full moon looks perfect tonight”. She laughed out aloud. It took me a second or two to understand why would anybody laugh at a beautiful full moon. I have to take you to a post from over six years back to get the context…. Reproduced from January 7, 2014.

Last night Sharmila and I were in bed watching a sitcom on TV before going off to sleep when I noticed something small and shiny thru the master bedroom windows in the trees. I was trying to figure out whether it was a reflection of a light inside our house that I was seeing on the window or was it moonlight shining on some ice formation on the twigs. I straightened up and asked Sharmila – “Is that the moon”? And then for good measure threw in “Or is that your face”?

You know you have been married for twenty one years by how romantic values cede precedence to practical values. Sharmila looked at my face and the direction in which I was looking and then looking outside, said “What do you mean? How can my face be over there?”

I almost fell off my bed, guffawing! 🙂

1 February 2020

Free Wine! er… I mean Art Show!!

Apparently, free wine was waiting for me in Atlanta after being abroad for a week. Landed in Atlanta, met up with Sharmila at a meeting point and went straight to her art show. As you know from my previous posts, the real attraction for me is the free wine. I understand art as much as a walrus understands rocket science. Maybe even less.

This time, though, there was the additional upside of running into an old friend from yesteryears – Hunt and his wife Mary-Elizabeth!

16 January 2020

Kind of “wow” moment for a dad

Read the first article on the “prolific” tortoise while in St. Kitts sitting at the beach bar. Had a chuckle. Thought the tortoise had a “porposie” in life 🙂 (https://www.nbcnews.com/news/animal-news/giant-tortoise-who-helped-save-species-retires-galapagos-islands-n1115701)

A day or two later, somebody in our office team mentioned about the second article – I read it up for the details and marveled at the fact how much the smoke had traveled. (https://www.nbcnews.com/science/environment/scientists-find-australian-wildfire-smoke-has-circled-globe-n1116511)

Never saw any connection between those two articles. Did you find any?

Turns out both of them were written by Natasha! (She just started with NBC)