23 July 2017

Back to the future…

This is where our US journey had started. Nearly a quarter century ago, after getting married in a court of law in India, we had headed out to the US. And this was the airport that we finally had stopped our journey in. After thirty hours of flight or so, I was completely dazed and thoroughly ill equipped to understand anything foreign (e.g. I had entered a “Restroom” at the airport thinking that is where I could catch some rest during transit 🙂 Don’t blame me – in India, we called them “Toilets”).

In any case, our entire married life has been in the US and it all started at this airport in this country.

We come back to this airport every single year.

18 July 2017


One of Nikita’s and my favorite late evening pastime is to play trivia and learn random stuff (yesterday, we learnt about the southernmost capital of a country and the actual color of the fur on a polar bear). Today, we played cards by some Citronella lamps in the dark…

25 June 2017

Campus stroll…

Since Sharmila and Natasha are in Dallas I drove for four hours to visit Nikita in her college campus where she is doing a summer camp.

We walked for two hours in the campus and I did not get a chance to put in a word edgewise. She is super excited about dorm life and her friends and has so far given me a blow by blow description of the last two weeks’ activities!!!