5 October 2017

Nikispeak: A storage disk

In Miami airport, we were walking around when I came across a picture of an old 3.5inch disk. Showing it to Nikita, I explained – “Believe it or not, in the 1990s, this is how we stored data. Each one of them could store 1.4MB of data. Put in todays’s terms – just to store ONE of your iPhone pictures, you would need three or four of them. For one photo!!!”

Nikita weighed in what she had heard and said wisely “That just proves one thing…”

Expecting her to comment on the rapid progress of technology, I asked “What?”

Pat came the reply – “That you are really old, Dad”.


9 September 2017

Funny one

I was researching for something on the net and stumbled upon this image. Got a chuckle out of it! If you have not seen this before, this should give you a laughing start to this Saturday. Unless you are a friend of mine from Europe or Asia. In which case, it is too late in the day for you and I got nothing on you 🙂

21 August 2017

Perfectly timed…

If you have a lot of WhatsApp friends on the other side of the world (in my case, mostly India), you too probably get mildly irritated by those perfectly mistimed pictures you get every single day. You know the ones that they send saying “Good Night” as they go to sleep and you of course just woke up. To be sure, you also get the Good Morning message right when you go to bed.

Never miss timing it wrong.

Not today though 🙂

The Good Nights are pouring just as it is getting dark here!!

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