12 December 2017


We had just finished dinner and were wrapping things up around the kitchen when Sharmila, who had a flashback of a moment from her art show today, said: “Something very funny happened today…”

Interrupting her almost instantaneously, Nikita asked “What? Did you look in a mirror?”

I am not terribly sure what happened next – since I hightailed it from the kitchen area immediately so that nobody could hear me laughing my head off 🙂

11 December 2017

I just don’t get these two-legged animals…

I can get them to light the fireplace for me so I can cuddle up and sleep. I can get them to follow me wherever I go. I can even get them to clean up my poop after me.

And I hear they are worried about Artificial Intelligence??

How about some Natural Intelligence like me?

[PS. Note added by the thoughtful dog’s so-called master – the proper sentence would have been “Natural Intelligence like mine” and not “like me”, but then no dog – with all their natural intelligence and all – has ever been known to construct grammatically correct sentences]

14 November 2017

Am I the only one to think about it this way?

I have always wondered why put up signs that say “Maximum fine….”. If you are trying to deter somebody from doing something, putting up a sign that says “Minimum fine….” makes more sense, right? It is like – Well, buddy, this is the minimum you will be hit with. Who knows what the actual amount will be? So, take your own risks…

With a “Maximum fine…”, it almost sounds like Well, this is the maximum you will be hit with. In reality it will be lower than that, but we assure you no more than that. So, see if you can afford the max value and then feel free to do what you want…

Does not seem to serve the purpose as effectively. What do you think? That said, I assure you I did not park at this spot 🙂

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31 October 2017

That is nuts. Errr… I mean coconuts…

Walked up to the empty Lufthansa counter to check in for my flight back and did my usual small talk with the young lady at the counter – you know “How long have you been with Lufthansa?”, “Are you from Delhi” and all that. And in the middle of that I yelled “Whoa!”.

She looked at me inquisitively.

I was still staring at the memo listing the stuff I cannot have in my checked in luggage!! After glancing thru the usual list of dangerous things, I came to a screeching halt when I saw the picture of a coconut!



Why is the coconut in the list?

What did the poor coconut do? When is the last time a terrorist threatened national security with a errrrr…. coconut?

On an aside, WHO is carrying coconuts in their carry on luggage?

P.S. I am no expert, but I assume the shape of a grenade and the water inside has something to do with triggering the alarm system? But why ban even the half-coconut? (Look at the picture). Again, I do not know why anybody would want to carry half coconuts in their checked in luggage either…

28 October 2017


Watching how dependent my dad’s fragile health is on my mom’s efforts and attention… how my mom’s timely actions is the difference between his ability to breathe or not, spend endless hours in his own soiled clothes or clean ones, be able to sit up or just lay there…

… I am moved to a very emotional yet sobering conclusion …

… I better be nice to Sharmila from now on 🙂 🙂