22 September 2018

This is ridiculous

Sat down at the breakfast table this morning after my run and saw this packet on the table. No idea whether this is for Sharmila or Nikita (fairly sure it is not for Jay Jay or me) but that really does not matter.

This just makes no sense to me.

First, did you know that there are different kinds of makeups – like the stubborn ones, the compliant ones and the – I guess – schizophrenic ones? And how do they even decide whether the makeup is stubborn and not simply misunderstood?

Hilariously, there are degrees of stubbornness, it would appear. Neutrogena prides itself in dealing with the “most” stubborn ones.

99.3 ???? Not ninety, not ninety nine, not ninety nine decimal nine … But precisely ninety nine decimal three??? Did Neutrogena go around putting makeup – nothing but the most stubborn variety, mind you – on one thousand women in a mall and then go around scrubbing their faces only to find that the results were unsatisfactory on seven such women?

I had to chuckle at that #1 Choice of Makeup Artists bit. Those artists are made up for sure.

I am not done. Yet.

Why 114 towelettes? Whose great packaging idea was that? Not 100, not 120, not 125 but 114. Hundred and fourteen? Did some family of 19 people demand that they be able to divide the towelettes evenly amongst them, or what???

Ok. Now I am done. I need to scrub out some sun tan I got on my face from my run 🙂 🙂

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20 August 2018

One of the more interesting LinkedIn invites…

Check out the invite I got. I thought the role this lady plays – elegant and upscale social events for single Ladies and Gentlemen in Metro Atlanta – was pretty intriguing. I blurred the picture and redacted some of the info to maintain privacy.

But I have noted down the names of the 11 friends that I have who are connected to her. I have a few interesting phone calls to make today 🙂 🙂

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3 August 2018

News digest from this morning…

I too want to get in on the game and impose tariff on somebody 🙂

All the countries of the world seem to be singing that old “Kashmir Ki Kali” song “Tariff karoon kya uski” in unison ….
(sorry for the reference to a Hindi song to my non-Hindi readers)

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23 April 2018

Smart Alec!

While in the air from Kolkata to Delhi, I was trying to Airdrop a few pictures from my phone to the laptop. Upon switching on the bluetooth, it started discovering nearby devices.

Check out the name of the last device it found!

Smart Alec!!

22 April 2018

So how does one make potatoes at home?

This is in the lounge in domestic terminal of Kolkata airport.

I asked one of the young guys working in the lounge “Ei, etar maaney ki?” (What does this mean?)

The poor lad looked at the label, measured me up and said “Aamio ingraji bhalo bujhi na Sir”!! He pleaded his English was as weak as mine! But nonetheless, he addressed me as “Sir”.

Mightily amused, I returned to my table with a resolution that from now on, it is going to be only factory made potatoes for me !!!

Good start to this morning…